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The OKB Trio recently returned from maternity
leave to lay down the first tracks ever recorded
at Chris Benham's brand new studio, Big Orange
Sheep!  We were very excited to bask in the
warmth of the atmosphere created by our good
friends Chris and Kevin Thomas and we look
forward to sharing the music with you in the
near future.

Looking forward to debuting some new
compositions with the Brian Woodruff Sextet on
April 25th at 7PM at the Queens Jazz
OverGround's 2015 Spring Jazz Fest.  We've
invited the fabulous Elizabeth Lohninger to help
us debut lyrics to The Welcome Song and A
Centering Peace.  Please join us.  C
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The Brian Woodruff Sextet:  Back row, l to r: Matt Clohesy, bass; Pete McCann, guitar; Alan Ferber. trombone
Front row, l to r: Brian Woodruff, drums; Lisa Parrott, alto & soprano sax; Jacob Varmus, trumpet
The OKB Trio, l to r: Oscar Perez (O), piano; Kuriko Tsugawa (K), bass; Brian Woodruff (B), drums